lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Project Concept and Objectives - III

To realise these objectives, they are broken down into several sub-objectives:
Examination of geographic specifications, socio-economic framework conditions, current status of climate policy, past and projected emission trends, and options for reducing emissions and adapting to climate change
Any endeavour to develop suggestions for policy options and to determine research needs will have to start with a close examination of the national framework conditions in developing countries. It will also need to be grounded in an assessment of the current institutional landscape for international climate policy cooperation. Finally, suggestions for climate policy options need to be based on sound knowledge of what are adaptation needs and opportunities to reduce emissions. This information will need to be made available to all project participants in a consolidated format in order to have a common basis for the development of policy proposals and the determination of research needs.
Collaborative development of options for enhanced or new policy instruments for adaptation and mitigation and assessment of which policy options would require international support and cooperation
Based on the above information, the objective is to develop policy options for improving the current national climate policy in developing countries to effectively adapt to climate change and reduce emissions. One key item will be to differentiate which policies and measures the selected countries could implement on their own and which policies and measures would require international support and cooperation. This analysis will form the basis for the following development of options for international cooperation. The options will be developed in a dialogue between the partners from the developing countries and the European Union. Preliminary proposals will in addition be discussed with other experts and stakeholders at national-level workshops in the developing countries.
Assessment of existing and proposed policy options and institutional platforms for international climate policy cooperation

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