domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Project Concept and Objectives - II

China has a rapidly growing economy but is nevertheless still relatively poor in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. In addition, the technical capacity to monitor and quantify greenhouse gas emissions is still severely lacking in many sectors. By contrast, Brazil and South Africa are relatively advanced countries economically and dispose of strong technical capacity to monitor and quantify emissions.
Bolivia, Mozambique, Nepal…
The totality of partner countries therefore provides a broad spectrum of national circumstances, which will allow to develop a portfolio of policy options and determine research needs that are applicable not only to these countries but also to other developing countries.
The main means for the development of the policy proposals will be an intensive dialogue between the three European and six developing country project partners. The dialogue will take place mainly via email and a series of workshops. The inclusion of Southern partners will ensure that full consideration is taken of the geographic specifications, socio-economic framework conditions and the current status of climate policy in their respective countries. The project will also reach out to other national experts and stakeholders in the six developing countries by discussing preliminary findings in national expert workshops. Through this process it will further be made certain that national framework conditions and Southern viewpoints are taken into account in the final results.

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