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Session 2: March 18, 2004
2. Innovation (I): The Case of the Committee for Democracy in Information Technology
Study questions:
1. What is CDI’s business model? What is innovative about it?
2. Where do you see the biggest challenges ahead for CDI?
3. What do you consider the five most important characteristics of an innovative organization? Why?
R-4 Mair, Johanna, and Sergi Verges. 2004. “Committee for Democracy in Information Technology.” IESE-Schwab Foundation Case Study Series on Social Entrepreneurship, DG-1453-E. Barcelona: IESE Business School. [18 pages] 
R-5* Dees, J. Gregory. 2001. “Mastering the Art of Innovation.” In: Enterprising Nonprofits: A Toolkit for Social Entrepreneurs, J. Gregory Dees, Jed Emerson, and Peter Economy, eds. Pp. 161-198. New York: Wiley. [37 pages]
R-6* Wejnert, Barbara. 2002. “Integrating Models of Diffusion of Innovations: A Conceptual Framework. Annual Review of Sociology, 28: 297-326. [29 pages]

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