jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012


Late policy for written work. All course requirements must be completed by the date on which they are due.
¶ Final grade. The final grade of the course is based on oral seminar participation and attendance (50%), and the final paper presentation and paper (50%).
¶ Writing, format, and citation. Oral and written communication is a crucial part of the seminar. Development of good speaking and writing skills is essential to your success as a professional. A good paper has a clear thesis, is well organized, and employs solid logical analysis. Analytic arguments based upon verifiable facts must precede any value judgments you wish to make. Reflection-based arguments are useful only if grounded on one’s genuine desire for sincere introspection and personal development. A good paper will address the problem posed by the assignment. Academic honesty requires that you properly cite all sources on which you rely for evidence. Students should strive for their papers being stylistically and grammatically correct and free of typographical and spelling errors. You should proofread your papers. Please use standard paper size,
margins, font type, and font size (A4, double-spacing, Times New Roman font, 12-point).

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